Today's Gallery (2024.01.28)

Locals in the capital’s Jatrabari have built wooden and bamboo bridges in close proximity to each other over Kajla Khal, a canal that serves as a drainage system for the area. Residents of the nearby neighbourhoods often experience water logging in monsoon because the canal remains partially clogged. Photo: Rashed Shumon
Sixty-year-old Sukhiran Bewa covers her face to protect from the chilly winds as she steps outside her small hut in Char Ghughumari on the Brahmaputra riverbed in Kurigram’s Ulipur yesterday. Photo: S Dilip Roy
Two elderly women wrapped themselves in with plastic sacks and old newspapers to shield themselves from the cold around 1:00am yesterday, when the temperature was 14 degrees Celsius. Like them, many living on the footpaths of the capital’s Shantinagar wait all day under the open sky for donated food or warm clothes. PHOTO: ANISUR RAHMAN
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