Today's Gallery (2024.01.22)

Numerous families, even with small children, living precariously in a half-demolished building in Chattogram city’s Tulatali area. As it was constructed illegally on the banks of a canal, the encroaching portion was demolished during a drive around nine months ago. However, the remainder of the building was not repaired, posing risks to all those living in it. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: RAJIB RAIHAN
Schoolchildren and pedestrians are forced to walk on the street near the gate of Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School in Dhaka as people tasked with repairing the pavement have left a pile of sand there. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan
A man on the phone rushes across the rail lines at the Mohakhali level crossing as a train approaches at speed yesterday afternoon. Others are also seen casually crossing the lines not paying much attention to the train. In recent years, many people, distracted by phone conversations or music in their headphones, were run over by trains and killed. Photo: Rashed Shumon
“Bibi Mariam”, a cannon commissioned in the 1700s by the then governor of Bengal Mir Jumla to protect Dhaka’s riverside from the onslaught of bandits, has found a new home beside Dhaka Gate near Doel Chattar. The historic cannon, which was kept at Osmani Udyan, has been fittingly put on display right beside the newly-renovated gate, which was also built by Mir Jumla. Photo: Prabir Das
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