Today's Gallery (2024.01.19)

People from the low-income group have been struggling to keep warm amid harsh winter. With barely any options in hand, they often build fires using straws, dried leaves or scraps from the street. The photo was taken in the capital’s Tejgaon last night. PHOTO: RASHED SHUMON
THE HOLY CROWN … A hoopoe sits elegantly on a barren tree in Habiganj’s Satchari National Park. Found across Africa, Asia and Europe, these majestic birds have a look as uncommon as the name. More so due to the notably large crown of feathers, tipped in black and white, on top of their heads – giving them a royal appearance. Meanwhile, the uncommon name comes from the sound it makes – a deep, haunting “oop oop oop”, which in Estonian culture is said to be associated with death. However, in other cultures, the hoopoe is considered to be a sacred and faithful companion of humankind. Even in the Holy Quran, the hoopoe is mentioned twice under the name “hudhud” and is described as an intelligent messenger bird. As it is a protected bird in many parts of its vast range, the IUCN has put it in the “least concerned” category of its Red List. PHOTO: MOSABBER HOSSAIN RIBON
People queue up behind an OMS truck of the food department to buy rice and flour at subsidised prices at Basila intersection in Dhaka’s Mohammadpur yesterday. They had to wait for about two hours before being able to purchase the essentials. Some, however, tried to bribe the outlet staffers to cut the line. Photo: Rashed Shumon
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