Today's Gallery (2024.01.12)

CRIES OF THE CORALS: Polyps of a star coral showing early signs of bleaching – its death – in the Bay of Bengal. Imperative to the protection of coastlines, coral reefs, one of the largest living structures in the world, provide protection against tropical storms and support 25 percent of the ocean life globally. Bangladesh’s only coral-rich island is Saint Martin’s Island, with around 66 different types of corals. However, over 67 percent of the reef has already been bleached due to a lack of protective measures. Other reasons include over-exploitation, tourist pressure, uncontrolled pollution in the Bay and the biggest threat of all – global warming. Coral reefs are dominant sources of essential nutrients for marine food chains, which means their deaths can only result in the deaths of many other aquatic creatures. With rampant coral bleaching around the world, the IUCN has categorised the animal as “endangered” in its Red List, urging immediate conservation measures. Photo: Sharif Sarwar
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