Today's Gallery (2023.11.28)

Bus-counter employees taking a nap on empty benches of Mohakhali Bus Terminal as there were hardly any passengers yesterday due to the nationwide blockade. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS
Fishermen of Sylhet’s Gowainghat upazila casting their nets into the Piyain river yesterday. However, they say they have not been getting enough fish due to pollution and erosion in the river. Some of them said they solely depend on this river for their livelihoods. PHOTO: SHEIKH NASIR
Arun Krishna Haldar, an 82-year-old retired school teacher, enjoying old melodies on his century-old gramophone with his grandchildren. Their eager eyes observe Arun as he shuffles records and plays different evergreen songs under the sun on a winter morning. The photo was taken yesterday in Mollapara village of Barishal’s Agailjhara upazila. Photo: Titu Das
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