Today's Gallery (2023.01.13)

OUT-OF-SCHOOL LESSONS … A student observes the murals painted on the boundary walls of SFX Green Herald International School in the capital’s Mohammadpur, on his way back home with his mother yesterday afternoon. The authorities of the school have put up the murals to teach children about how to be good citizens -- such as following traffic rules, taking an interest in the arts, planting trees as part of saving the environment, assisting the elderly etc. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS
THE ROLLER’S ARRIVAL: An Indian Roller about to land atop a wooden stump somewhere in Kushtia’s Daulatpur upazila. This beautiful azure-coloured bird, as its name suggests, is found mostly in India, but is also distributed across south and central west Asia. While in India and Bangladesh, it is called “Neelkanth” or “Neelkontho”, the English name “roller” is influenced by the aerobic displays the male performs to attract mates during breeding season -- something that has also inspired many an Asian dance form. This non-migratory bird usually prefers solitude, but once a mate is found, they share responsibility in incubating the eggs and nurturing the young until they are ready to fly independently. While the Indian Roller prefers thin forests, grasslands and cultivated lands, they can also be found perched on tree branches, or electric wires in urban areas. The IUCN has listed it in it’s “least concern” category, but a decline in their population has been visible due to high numbers of traffic collision. PHOTO: ARIF AHMED
Vehicles caught in a long tailback on the Kuril flyover and Airport Road in the capital yesterday afternoon. Commuters had to suffer delays on this busy road all the day mainly due to the rush of devotees towards the Biswa Ijtema ground. The first phase of the religious congregation begins on the Turag today. Photo: Rashed Shumon
Chemicals from plastic factories nearby being discharged into the Buriganga in the capital’s Swarighat area, polluting the river and environment. Locals have difficulties breathing as the water emits a strong odour. Though releasing chemicals into rivers is prohibited, the authorities concerned seems to have turned a blind eye to it. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Amran Hossain