Today's Gallery (2023.01.09)

One-year-old Jisan reaches for his mother, having been confined to a high-pressure oxygen chamber for four days at the pneumonia unit in the capital’s Shishu Hospital. As his father is a rickshaw puller, the family still does not know how to manage the medical expenses. All they want now is for their child to be okay. PHOTO: RASHED SHUMON
Seema Begum, 51, had fallen asleep on a pile of logs while waiting for an OMS truck in the capital’s Jatrabari yesterday. She went there at 6:00am, despite a recent eye surgery, to collect rice at subsidised prices to feed her family of three. When she awoke at 11:00am, around a 100 people were ahead of her in line, which meant she would not get her share of the staple food. Though she repeatedly asked others for help and explained that she has been ill, no one came to her aid. PHOTO: ANISUR RAHMAN
The Roads and Highways Department tears down an illegal shop beside the Dhaka-Pabna highway in Pabna town. Officials said they demolished almost 100 shops yesterday and such raids would continue for nine more days to free the road and reduce traffic congestion. Photo: Collected
Farmers gather seedlings on a lush green seedbed in the Byshalita area of Sylhet. They will use the seedlings in their farms and sell the surplus. Many farmers in the region counted losses last year because of floods that damaged even paddy stored in villagers’ homes. Photo: Sheikh Nasir