‘Banglalink has fastest download speed, Grameenphone consistent quality’

A global report says

Banglalink is providing its users with fastest download speed in Bangladesh while Grameenphone customers are experiencing better consistency in getting services, according to a global report.

According to the Mobile Network Experience Report by Opensignal, an independent global standard for analysing consumer mobile experience, Banglalink wins the Download Speed Experience award.

Banglalink users saw the fastest average download speeds in Bangladesh, making the operator the outright winner of the Download Speed Experience.

It wins with a score of 10 Mbps, 1.2 Mbps ahead of second placed Grameenphone, while Robi and TeleTalk are in third and fourth place, respectively, with scores of 6.8 Mbps and 4.4 Mbps respectively, according to the report.

Grameenphone wins both the Excellent Consistent Quality and Core Consistency awards outright.

This means that it was on Grameenphone's network that the highest proportion of users' tests met the minimum recommended performance thresholds for demanding applications (excellent consistent quality) such as completing group video calls as well as the thresholds for less demanding applications (core consistent quality) like web browsing.

Grameenphone also won the Upload Speed Experience award and the 4G Coverage Experience award while Banglalink won the Games Experience and Voice App Experience awards, the report said.

The data of the report was collected between April 1 June 29.

"Judging by the awards table, the Bangladeshi mobile network experience continues to be a two-horse race between Grameenphone and Banglalink," the report said.


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